Benefits of cloud servers vs classic hosting

The world has been revolutionized by cloud servers , an innovative form of hosting that allows access to applications and websites using cloud resources. Indeed, this infrastructure made up of software systems managed by external providers offers many benefits to companies.

That is why, in recent years, the number of businesses of any size that decided to bet on cloud hosting has grown. In fact, far from being a service designed solely for large corporations, today cloud servers are available to everyone, even the smallest businesses that want to improve their performance .

Let's not forget that, thanks to the clouds, it is no longer necessary to download and store programs and information on a single computer, so efficiency and performance have become the key words for those who offer this service.

Considering the advantages offered by cloud hosting, we decided to write this article, where you will find all the information you need to know about cloud hosting and how you can access this service.

How do cloud servers work?

Before telling you how this infrastructure works, it is necessary to point out that using the cloud means, in a few words, operating computer programs such as applications and websites using the internet. This means that the company can store your data on external servers managed by external providers and then access your information when needed through an internet connection.

In order for the cloud hosting service to work, the providers have an infrastructure and software system where the information, data, applications and websites of large or small companies are stored and stored so that they can access it from any location. part of the world.

Clearly, this type of service allows easy access, but without leaving aside the high levels of security, scalability and data protection that can never be lacking.

Thanks to all these benefits, it is clear why hosting in the cloud has become a valid alternative to the classic forms of hosting in a short time. Now, the question arises spontaneously, what is the difference between the two storage modalities of programs and software.

If you are also asking yourself this question, do not worry because we are going to tell you about it.

What differentiates cloud hosting from classic hosting?

As we have mentioned before, cloud servers facilitate and improve the performance of the operations carried out by companies and corporations because they allow access to virtual hosting , data processing and other necessary resources remotely.

This is the main difference with traditional data and information hosting. Before the advent of cloud hosting, it was necessary to download and install the programs that you wanted to use on each computer, which, in many cases, were limited by user licenses and, above all, by the storage capacity of the electronic device used.

On the other hand, with cloud hosting, the storage is not tied to a single physical server, since it is available in a network of physical and virtual servers that make it possible for companies to access programs already with an Internet connection. the applications they need.

The reasons that explain the success of cloud servers

Whatever the size of the company, you can benefit from the use of cloud hosting. In fact, the advantages of this service offered by expert companies in the sector such as Airbip are evident because cloud hosting provides greater flexibility and scalability. But this does not end here because cloud servers offer other important advantages, as we are going to tell you about below.


Those who use cloud servers guarantee that one of the main advantages of this service is its scalability during the processing and storage of data, software and applications according to the specific needs of each business.

This means that companies, depending on current demands, can quickly add or remove resources without having to buy new hardware as was the case a couple of years ago.


Surely one of the most important benefits of cloud servers is their flexibility which, unlike traditional hosting, allows you to have bandwidth that scales to accommodate increased traffic or seasonal peak demand.

economic savings

Also, from an economic point of view, a business can benefit from cloud servers . In fact, it should be noted that with this service it is not necessary to have hardware for daily management or to have data backups.

Likewise, it is necessary to underline that external cloud service providers such as Airbip offer clients different types of plans, so your business pays for the subscription plan that it will use and that meets your needs. Indeed, providers offer the possibility of changing the contracted plan, so a company can easily change the volume of the server and related services based on the specific needs of each one. This is what, in the sector, is known as a pay-per-use model.

In addition, it is important to highlight that, with the server in the cloud, it is no longer necessary to face maintenance expenses or hardware upgrades, resources that can be allocated to other business sectors.


Security is key in cloud hosting service. The external providers that provide the cloud hosting service have high levels of security so that cyber attacks are not verified or that any unauthorized person accesses the local servers. That is why Airbip, recognized in the sector for providing a quality cloud hosting service, offers advanced security measures and constant monitoring.

On the other hand, it is important to note that, with cloud servers, all business information is stored on external servers, so that, in the event of theft or some technical inconvenience, the data is stored in a safe and backed-up place. for backups.


What makes cloud hosting a really attractive service for businesses is its ability to improve productivity and performance . In fact, this solution, which has become the most beloved alternative in the technology sector, allows businesses to gain operational agility. Because?

We are going to tell you. It offers the possibility that all team members can work from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection available. In this way, all workers can access information in real time and globally, facilitating and improving operations, while a collaborative work environment is built.

Access to new technologies

Another great advantage offered by cloud hosting is the possibility of using new technologies at a competitive price, which used to not happen with traditional servers because it required a considerable budget that small businesses could not have.

Work with Airbip: the productivity-oriented business service

As you may have noticed, cloud hosting is a business solution that allows you to improve performance and productivity. However, to achieve the best results it is important to choose a reputable third-party service provider.

Leader in the cloud server sector is Airbip, which makes available to companies all the necessary tools to create a website or an online store with a couple of clicks and without having to have specific technical knowledge.

In a matter of minutes, Airbip allows businesses to create web pages in WordPress, Drupal, a Prestashop store or use the resources offered by Mautic, SuiteCRM and ERP Next to increase the level of productivity of your company by reducing the level of inactivity and improve overall performance.

For this reason, Airbip offers users the possibility of using an intuitive and easy-to-use administration panel so that you can manage websites or business applications in total freedom thanks also to the use of optimized quality software solutions. And if you need help, you have nothing to worry about because you can resort to the technical support service available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to solve any type of inconvenience or resolve your doubts quickly and efficiently.


To conclude today's article, we want to say that, today, any type of company can take advantage of the advantages offered by cloud servers. This scalable and extremely flexible service allows your business to be more competitive, improving its overall performance and optimizing management operations.

So, the clouds came into our lives to simplify the operation of a company and its productivity, benefits that can be achieved by deciding to use the service offered by Airbip , an external provider that is committed to providing a quality service, supported by customer service. premium to offer users practicality and efficiency.